How To Attach The Table Legs With Simple And Easy Steps


Have you ever installed the table legs by yourself at home?

Are you interested in making the table on your own?


If you are passionate about doing these things, I am very willing to share with you my interesting experience. By going through my article immediately, you will know how to attach the table legs with a very easy and simple process. Let’s check it out!

How to Attach the Table Legs Quickly and Effectively

Using the surface plates

The first method that I am going to introduce is attaching the table legs with the surface plates. And well, this method is the most suitable choice when you want to attach the legs to the finished furniture.

Step 1: Purchase the table legs

However, before getting started, you need to buy the table legs that is suitable for your needs. By shopping around some home improvement stores near your house, you can find a variety of table legs with different colors.

For those people who are interested in making the table legs yourself, you can still do it at home. But the important part is that you should buy a table saw or a miter saw first. These wonderful tools are excellent at helping you cut the large materials, which will eventually maximize your satisfaction.

However, I have some reminders for the beginners. You should get to know some necessary tips when using and maintaining the table saw. By this way, you can identify the best way to use this brilliant tool for yourself.

Step 2: Choose the table legs with the pre-installed hanger bolts

When picking the table legs, I highly recommend that you should pick the ones which were already installed with the hanger bolts. By this way, you can save much of your time when attaching the table legs. On the other hand, if you do not want to buy this combination, you can make the separate purchase.

In particular, you can buy the additional hangers bolts and dowel screws to insert them into your table legs. But you should notice that the hanger bolts are mainly used for the large tables, and the dowel screws are used for the smaller ones.

Step 3: Purchase the table leg plates

Next, you need to buy the surface plates. The main point of this step is to carefully compare the size of the hanger bolts to the table leg plates. By doing this, you can make sure that all of the screws are perfectly compatible. There will be some problems in case you buy the wrong size for them.

And of course, there are a number of table leg plates that you can select such as the straight leg plates and the slanted leg plates. However, I suggest that you should try attaching the straight leg plates first before challenging with the slanted legs.

Step 4: Install the hanger bolts

Going to the next part, we are going to install the hanger bolts on the table legs. You need to measure the center position of the table leg. And then, do not forget to prepare either a marker or a pencil to mark this center point clearly.

After that, you can make a pilot hole in the middle of the table leg by making use of the driller. Next, you need to tightly screw the hanger bolt in the upper side of each table leg.

For anyone who is confused about how to screw the hanger bolt tightly, you can simply twist the screws by hands in the beginning. And after this step, you can twist it tighter by taking advantage of the locking pliers until you feel satisfied.

Step 5: Take out the tabletop and flip it upside down

The following step is very easy and simple. You only need to put the tabletop into the flat space and remember to flip it upside down.

Step 6: Attach the square surface plates into the corner of the table top

Now, you are going to align the square surface plate with the corner of the tabletop. You can either do it yourself or ask for the support of the other people for the most precision. Make sure to screw each of the plates with 4 screws in total. When completing the first plate, you can repeat this process with the other three.

Step 7: Attach the top of the table leg into the square surface plates

The last step of this method is to screw the top of the table leg into the square surface plates. You can twist many times to make them tighten. After everything is done, you need to check the attachment between the tabletop and the table legs to make sure if they are twisted properly.

Using the T-nuts

The second method that you should know when talking about how to attach the table legs are using the T-nuts. Moreover, you can buy these T-nuts at the home improvement stores as well as the hardware stores.


Step 1: Create 4 holes in each corner of the tabletop

Before coming with the first step, you need to prepare all of the necessary items including the table legs, the T-nuts, together with the hanger bolts. Then, make 4 holes through the base of the table top by using the driller.

You should focus on the size of the holes. They should be compatible with the size of the T-nuts. Otherwise, you will get into troubles.

Step 2: Install the T-nuts into the holes

After drilling the holes, you need to tap the T-nuts into them by using the hammer. Remember to tap these nuts until they fit perfectly into the holes. Furthermore, there should be no space between the table top and the piece of metal.

Step 3: Install the hanger bolts into the center of the table leg

At this moment, you need to mark the center point on the top of the table leg. Then, you should create a pilot hole on this marked position, and ensure to put the hanger bolt there tightly. If you want to make it tighten, you can use the set of locking pliers.

Step 4: Twist the table leg into the bottom of the base

Last but not least, you should twist each table leg into the bottom of the tabletop. Do not forget to use a regular nut and twist it onto the top of the hanger bolt to ensure that they are in place perfectly. After that, you can repeat this process with the remaining three table legs.


In conclusion, I hope that all of my sharing about how to attach the table legs will give you more knowledge about this aspect. From now on, you will be able to install the table legs by yourself without any difficulties. However, in case you have any queries or confusion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.