How To Build A Couch: A Complete Guideline


A couch is a must-have item for the living room. The majority of people will go for an available couch in interior stores for the sake of time-saving and convenience. But why don’t you test your skillfulness and creativeness by creating your DIY sofa or couch? Actually, building a couch isn’t as hard as you think. In this article, I’ll shed light on how to build a couch in Minecraft.


What you will need to follow this tutorial

Here is the list of needed tools and materials:

  • Cedar boards (including 7 8’2×4 cedar boards, 1 8’1×4 cedar boards, and 3 12’1×4 cedar boards)
  • SPAX HCR-X Screws (1-1/2’’, 2-1/2’’ and 3-1/4’’)
  • Outdoor spar urethane
  • 1’’ rubber feet

How to Build a Couch- Step by step instructions

Step 1: Execute the outdoor sides of the couch
  • Start cutting the main parts of outdoor couch side from the cedar (top:21-1/2’’, a couple of uprights: 22-1/2’’, base: 24-1/2’’)
  • Assembling three wooden parts by making 3/8’’ holes midway through the peaks of the armrest on each end and twist 1-1/2’’ screws into the holes
  • Continue this process before boring holes at the bottom side of each assembly.
  • Use the plug cutter to cut 3/8’’ plugs to fill the drilled holes in the armrest. You could you the cedar dowels if you don’t have a plug cutter.
  • Apply a huge amount of glue on the plugs until they overflow into the surface.
  • To strengthen the couch stability, cut the 2×4 stretcher base that links the sides to 69’’. Flip the base stretcher and the armrest bases upside down and screw them up with 2-1/2’’ screws.
  • Turn over the stretcher and bring in the armrests, fix them with 2-1/2’’ screws.
Step 2: Create the seat – this will be the most challenging part of the construction

– Use a dado blade to cut the notches on the boards

– Use 24 – ½’’ cleats to help the outer ends of the 1×4 laths. Cut a 2×4 lath in half or make use of the 2×2 material. Cut 4 1×4 seat laths to 66’’.

– Assembling the seat by connecting the outer frame with glue. Use 2 – ½’’ screws to clamp along the way to aid square things up. For the inner pillars, space them out in the middle of the boards 23’’ from the external edging.

– Turn over the seat and fit the cleats to the sides. Use a 1×4 scrap to make the lath flat with the outer frame. After that, twist the cleats with two ½’’ screws.

– Put the 1×4 seat laths into the gashes and fix them with 1 – ½’’ screws. You should make use of HCR-X exterior screws because they have corrosion resistant varnishes for outdoor use.

Step 3: Build the backrest

– Cut 4 uprights with approximately 15-degree angles, then, connect the uprights to 1×4 laths.

– At the back of the uprights, strike a 1’’line over the top notch to add a taper.

– Cut 3 1×4’s to 69’’. Put the uprights with the same distance as the seat supports; fix the laths with 1 – ½’’ screws.

– Sand the flat assemblies to 150 grit.

Step 4: Fit up the seat and the back of the couch
  • Install rubber feet under 4 sides of the couch to reduce contact with water
  • Fix some temporary chunks to the sides to place the seat. Put the seat in right place with 2 3 -1/4’’ screws each corner.
  • Install the back in place with a 3 – ¼’’ screw.
  • On the back side of the couch, use 2 screws to fix the out pieces together.
Step 5: Decorate the couch by adding some colorful cushions

This will be the easiest step in 5 steps, but the tricky point here is the color of the cushions. If you choose a suitable set of fabric cushions which matches the overall design of the house, it could bring a totally new breath to your house. Here are some fundamental tips that you should keep in mind when purchasing cushions in a furniture store.

  • A set of one simple print, one self-colored print, and one busy print is a key formula that helps you tighten your options.
  • Mixing cold colors and warm colors together will create a harmonious color combination.
  • If the color of the wall is a cold color, the color of the cushion should be a lighter color. For example, if the color of the wall is navy blue, the cushion’s color should be Maya, sapphire, baby blue or white.
  • Visually, the pillows should get smaller and smaller as you move towards

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Building a couch costs you a lot of time and effort but I’m pretty sure that after getting all stuff done, you’ll be so proud of yourself and feel over the moon as hard work pays off. Hopefully, after reading my instruction on how to build a couch, you could be able to create your own unique couch. Good luck to you. And don’t forget to comment your experience and share this article if you found it helpful. Thanks a lot and kisses.