Don’t You Know How to Cut Out A Door Hinge with A Dremel?

Dremel –  a multifunctional tool

Nowadays, Dremel has developed a wide range of products, including cutting, grinding, multi-purpose drilling, saw machines, versatile cutting machines with a wide range of cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing and engraving applications. As one of the world’s leading providers of solutions, Dremel offers a complete and flexible solution system that gives people the power, efficiency, and confidence they need.


What is Dremel?

The versatile Dremel (also known as a drilling machine, multi-saw grinder, sanding machine) is a fast, handy electrical tool with a low torque power tool that performs a variety of tasks with high precision.

Dremel is compact, flexible, accurate and very handy so it can work well in small, narrow places. The machine has many functions to meet both the details requirements, and you can do everything with this handy machine.

The flexible Dremel system helps you to accomplish anything whether it is big or small.

Over the years, the Dremel has become the gold standard for flexibility, the ability to change connectors and accessories easily, the performance and quality of all versatile instruments in the market.

What can a Dremel do?

Dremel is not just a regular electric appliance; you can do more than you think.

Dremel is not only for professionals; it is a useful tool for amateurs, home DIY people or for the hobby. You love to make jewelry, decorate your home or any handicraft, Dremel also gives you a perfect tool that inspires you to be creative in your own way.

Some application fields for Dremel tool:

♦ Polishing and cleaning objects


♦ Grinding, sharpening, and sanding


♦ Carving

♦ Sawing and cutting metal wood

How do you use a Dremel to install and cut out door hinge?

A Dremel helps you to set up the door hinge

To mount a door hinge, you can follow these steps below:


Mark the door to position the hinges. Place the door next to it. Lay the side receiving the joint upward. Then, you use a tape to measure appropriate distances from the top and the bottom of the door and mark it by your pencil.

Put one hinge on the spine of the door so that it is in line with the pencil line. Use your utility knife to trace the three-sided outline in the wood.


Use the Dremel to fix the housings of the door hinge.

Turn on the Dremel and push it down until the bit is fully inserted into the hinge.

When routing, you should follow the pencil outline as tightly as possible. Remove all of the wood inside the framework. Turn off the router bit and blow wood dust away. Stop routing when the hinge sits flush and sturdy in the hole. Repeat this process for the other hinges.

A Dremel helps you to cut out door hinge

Conversely, to uninstall a door hinge, you can use a Dremel as well:


You need to buy new door-hinges that fit the old ones in edge shape as well as size. To make sure, you can measure again current joints whether they are in the right locations or not.


When replacing the hinge, you do not need to remove the entire door. Use a Dremel to take the screws keeping the hinge out in place carefully. You need to choose the right bit because Dremel makes a lot of bits with a wide range of materials.

If the old hinge had a secure attachment to the door for a long time, you might need to repair a little such as: sanding the door (you also can use Dremel to do that) or repainting.

You won’t regret when having a Dremel

As you can see, during the install as well as uninstall the door hinge, you just need a Dremel instead of a lot of tools like before.

With all of these excellent functions, why don’t you buy a Dremel right now?

Hope that after this article you knew how to cut out a door hinge with a Dremel!

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Good luck!