Dewalt DW745 vs. Makita MLT100 – Which One is the Best Choice for You?

A table saw is needed when you are doing woodworking at home or your personal shop.

However, if you are currently wondering to choose between two products: Dewalt DW745 and Makita MLT100, our following article is written just for you.


You will have the necessary information on both of these products to answer the question “Which one is the best choice for you?”

From the main features of the products to the pro and cons points, as well as the warranty and other product policy of the manufacturer, all you need of this woodworking tool is in our writing.

We will give you a comprehensive view of two great table saws.

Now let’s walk through the whole process.

Summary Comparison

Basic featuresDewalt DW745Makita MLT100
Item TypeSite SawsTable Saw 260mm 1,500w
Weight30.25 kg42.5 kg
Power sourceCorded electric
(120 volts)
Corded electric
(240 volts)
Motor1,850 Watt1,500 Watt
Package includesDW745 10-inch table saw
10-inch 24-tooth carbide blade
Miter gauge, Push stick, Blade guard
Makita MLT100
TCT Saw blade
Rip fence (Guide rule)
Mitre gauge, Push stick, Wrench, Triangular rule

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Review of Dewalt DW745

This product has the full name of Dewalt DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity – 120V.

This product is an excellent solution for those who are looking for a reasonable table saw with many outstanding features. You will need this saw for any woodworking activities at home. In particular, industry experts also appreciate the accuracy, durability, and portability of this product.

Moreover, you can be satisfied with the advantages of the DW745 is to carry anywhere and move from one place to another easily because the product is not heavy with a convenient base and has a firm grip.

At the same time, you are also safe to work when it is easy to use so you can quickly finish furniture products without losing too much time.

To see how this product is good, here are its main features for you:

Perfect performance

Dewalt DW745 with 15 amp and high-torque motor brings you the energy to cut hardwood and lumber are processed by pressure. You will be able to completely and quickly cut with the 10-inch blade rotating at 3,850 rpm speed of no-load.

Unique fence system

The fence system gives you the power to rip 20 inches. You will quickly and precisely adjust the fence thanks to the rack and fence rails with the pinion.

Besides, its design of telescopic helps the rails go out to 20 inches to tear the full material sheets or pull the material back into an easy-to-transport size. You can cut with a maximum depth of 3-1 / 8 inches (90 degrees) and 2-1 / 4 inches (45 degrees).

The safe system of guarding

You can set up various applications with the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System by adjusting the guarding components of applications without the need for tools.

The manufacturer also coats the surface of table to decrease the friction for the improvement quality of cutting the board and designs the roll cage base of metal material to add more setup stability and durability than plastic one.

Portable and convenient design

You can quickly move this 45-pound table saw from your shop to your workplace. Manufacturers also add the convenience of producing onboard memory that provides easy access to Site-Pro Protection components and push bars when not in use. You can connect the saw to the Shop-Vac for efficient vacuuming to make your working environment clean thanks to the advantageous dust collection port of 2-1/2 inches.

Excellent after-sales

The manufacturer offers you a limited warranty of 3 years with one year of free service, and money back guarantee within 90 days.



  • Lightweight compared to the same products, easy to move wherever you want.
  • Reasonable price for a well-known brand of high cost and quality, save the budget for you.

Dewalt DW745 on Amazon

Review of Makita MLT100

You can find its full name as the Makita MLT100 260 mm 240V Table Saw – Blue (7-Piece).

This product is ideal for someone who likes to make wood furniture at home over the weekend. Besides the beautiful blue Makita decals, you will find that the machine is well established to satisfy the consumer demands.

The saw has a bed size of 960x690mm (10% larger than its competitor), including a cast aluminum main bed, two extensible beds, and an aluminum sliding bed.

The extension of the bed can increase the saw bed size by unfastening the four knobs of the lock. All of these parts combine on a rigid plastic shell, wrap around the engine and form a saw footprint.

Makita MLT100 also comes with the useful storage for tools such as fences, footprint, push bar, and extra blades.

Now it’s time to check the best feature of this table saw:

The installation of the product

When you purchase the product, it is assembled with a 255mm Makita TCT blade and includes a rip fence, miter gauge, two wrenches for the blade change, push bar, detachable guard of the blade and removable rive knives.

You remove the saw from the box, fine-tune to the blade position if needed and assemble the rive knives and clamp the blade guard to the place.

However, you will not have a stand, so you can buy Makita JM27000300 to use with this product.

Adjustment when using Makita MLT100

You will admire the impressive and smooth blade adjustment mechanism. You can release the lock and turn the knob to adjust the angle easily while other products use a disengage lock and manual adjustment.

With the adjustable angle knob, you can change the blade angle with smaller sizes to make them more precise and convenient.

The manufacturer makes products with plastic blades that are easy to deflect when you try to cut in thin sheets. The fence attached to the saw at one end also reduces the accuracy of cutting even though it puts less pressure on the blade back.

You can find almost no vibration on the blade and measurements are printed on saws close to the point. Therefore, you can have quality cuts for your woodworking with the cut depth of 93 mm (90 degrees) and 64 mm (45 degrees) and the strong motor of 1,500 watts delivering up to 4,500 rpm.

Measurements are also quite convenient. It combines a longer fence, a clip to hold the stock, and useful measures of angle printed on its base. You can use the clamp on the gauge for sliding beds or pushing the stock through the blade with the indicator.

Disadvantage and warranty

One minus point of the product is that the miter gauge does not fit the saw bed slots as the slots are fuller than the rail of the gauge. As a result of that, you can have rapid cuts with good accuracy.

However, if you enjoy good warranty, Makita will give you satisfaction with the 3-year warranty for this product.



  • An excellent rotating motor with a proper blade.
  • The product offers accurate cutting, low maintenance and simple operation and adjustment.
  • It creates a loud noise when in process.

Makita MLT100 260 mm 240V Table Saw on Amazon

In short, which one do you prefer?

According to our review and experience in woodworking with table saw, we prefer the Dewalt DW745.

Why do we say so?

You can see Dewalt DW745 has much helpful design such as the fence and guard system, the dust-collection port and large rip capacity of up to 20 inches.

Moreover, although 2 products have the same year of warranty, Dewalt DW745 provides us with more guarantee of one-year free service and 90-day money return.

We also choose the Dewalt DW745 because of its lightweight and portable design for home woodworking.

And one thing for sure is that we can make better and more accurate cuts with the powerful motor when using the Dewalt DW745 than the Makita MLT100.

We hope our article can help you to find your best table saw.

Now it’s time to go out and buy one for your workshop at home.