How To Dry Wood In An Oven

Wood after drying will be improved in many aspects and have better quality. To carry out this important phase, people use an oven. Let’s find out the answer on how to dry wood in an oven.

Before being processed, wood often goes through many different stages. And one of those steps is drying. Quality of wood after drying is better. To carry out this important phase, especially drying wood at home, people will use a kiln. Then, keep reading on how to dry wood in an oven.

Wood drying in an oven uses steam technology which works on the principle of heating the water and then using the heat of the steam to dry the wood. The drying of wood prior to production or business helps to sterilize wood, destroying the wood and woodworms and help increase appearance and lifespan of wood.

How to dry wood in an oven? Follow these following steps.

Step 1

Reposition the shelves in the oven so that one is in the bottom and the other in the middle. Place the oven thermometer in the far right corner of the center rack. Place a large pan on the bottom of the oven.

Step 2

Set the oven as close to 218 degrees Fahrenheit as possible. Most digital ovens allow this to be set correctly or 215 Fahrenheit degrees. Set the oven the same from 200 to 225 F degrees. This step is also the same with how to dry wood in a microwave.

Dry wood in an oven

Dry wood in an oven

Step 3

Turn on the convection fan, if the oven has one. Check the furnace thermometer after 15 minutes. Adjust the oven setting until the internal temperature reads 210 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4

Load the pieces of wood on the center rack so that no one touches. Place smaller pieces of wood perpendicular to the hinges of the racks so that they can’t fall off. Drying wood time is an hour.

Step 5

Remove some wood from the oven by hand. Press two metal contacts at the bottom of the moisture meter onto the wood surface to read. Return the wood to the oven if it has not reached the desired moisture percentage.

Step 6

Dry wood for 15 minutes between each retry. Place the wood on the wire rack in a dry place after you are satisfied with the moisture. To dry wood fast, keep up the wood piece always from wet places. After drying, wood can be processed by many woodworking tools to have many shapes.

A microwave oven, which is a continuous conveyor dryer, is suitable for drying a variety of wood products with a thickness of 1.5 cm to 5 cm. Drying wood in a microwave oven helps water content of less than 25% to form water content of below 8%.

Types of wood products that can be applied are hardwood, composite floors, furniture, etc. Microwave dryers provide an effective solution to kill insects and problems occurring during drying, such as cracking, deformation, incomplete drying, etc. The whole microwave drying process lasts less than 20 minutes.

Drying wood by a microwave oven is specifically used for the drying of wood, applying the principle of selective drying, contributing to the uniform drying effect, without the need for a hard surface. Wood after drying can retain the shape and color. If, you want to repaint the wood, read more here

In case of high power density, a certain period of impact will be required during microwave drying to prevent cracking when the internal steam pressure exceeds the allowable limit.

What are the benefits of drying wood in an oven?

1. Fast speed and high output

The application data show that a 60kW wood dryer takes only 10 – 26 minutes to dry up 8 to 50mm thick wood which contains 35 ~ 40% water to approximately 20%. On the other hand, the gradual increase in interior temperature of wood will gradually increase the pressure to the allowable level of wood.

The composition of an oven for wood drying

The composition of an oven for wood drying – Source:

2. Superior quality

During normal drying, the wood is deformed or cracked due to shrinkage of wood fibers after dehydration. By a specialized oven which is specifically designed for the drying of wood. It applies the principle of selective drying, contributing to the uniform drying effect, without the need for a hard surface.

3. Dry the wood evenly

Different parts of wood differ in water content. Even after being dried with traditional methods, the water content is still somewhat different.

In contrast, microwaves are penetrating and selective, giving uniform water content, from the wood surface, the two wood ends and the middle portions. Equal water content minimizes cracking and deformation. Strictly follow the above steps to know how to dry wood in an oven and carry out safe for good appearance.

Final thoughts

When using a microwave oven, the recommended microwave frequency is 915Mhz and microwave penetration is greater than 80mm. Users can choose a microwave oven with a microwave frequency of 2450Mhz and microwave penetration of more than 80mm.

Wood drying in an oven is suitable for drying, fungicides, and insecticides in the wood industry. It can be used as furniture dryer, insecticide for furniture, floor dryer, etc at home. Hope that the above steps can help you know how to dry wood in an oven and you can carry out easily at home.