How To Fill Wood Cracks With Turquoise? – A Complete Guideline


Wood handicrafts filled with turquoise are becoming a hot trend. There is nothing strange about this trend as turquoise delivers an extraordinary and unique beauty for the wooden furniture. If you have a chance to experience these work of arts, I bet you will fall in love with them instantly. In last month, I received numerous questions asking how to fill wood cracks with turquoise. Hence, in this article, I will show you all the techniques to create a wooden masterpiece with turquoise. Let’s start!

How To Fill Wood Cracks With Turquoise

Before heading to step by step instruction on how to fill wood cracks with turquoise, please have a look at what we need to prepare to follow this tutorial.

What Will You Need To Follow This Tutorial?


Fill Wood Cracks With Turquoise

Step By Step Instruction

Step 1: Prepare The Crack
  • For furniture that already has cracks: First of all, check the crack carefully to see if the cracks go through the furniture’s backside. In case it happened, you should press the plumber’s tape and lengthen it beyond the crack’s entire length. This will make sure the turquoise inlay powder is in place. In case the crack contains an edge, let’s carefully cover it by tape.
  • For those who want to create self – designed cracks:

+  Coat the furniture with Spray Shellac for the sake of time – saving and convenience.

+   Use a pencil to draw on the furniture where to fill the turquoise into. This step is also applied for furniture having cracks, but you want to add several new locations.

+ Make use of a small carve and a high – speed rotary tool to inlay.

You could also use electricity to burn wood to generate originally striated. If you still don’t know how to burn wood with electricity, keep following my upcoming article.

Notably, remember to inlay the cracks gently. Don’t ever use a powerful force as it could damage your masterpiece.

Step 2: Prepare The Turquoise

Pick up small stone scraps and squeeze them in 2 steel sheets (8 – inch square sheet). Lay the steel sheet on a hard surface. Then smash the turquoise stones shards by pounding the top sheet. Continue the process until your turquoise stones turn into gritty sand and you have sufficient turquoise to fill in.

Before starting the step, I want you to know the difference between real and fake turquoise. Currently, there are loads of fake turquoises in the market. Using fake turquoise not only harms your health but also gives an undesirable result. The common type of taking turquoise is made of dyed ceramic, aquarium pebbles, cheap jewelry and even plastic. When you smash the “turquoise” piece, you will discover the truth. If it has a blue layer outside and the pure white layer in the middle, it is fake turquoise.

Tips: Always buy turquoise at reputable crystal shop. The high – end turquoise will be labeled as “Sleeping Beauty” or “Kingman” turquoise. One more thing, Arizona’s turquoises are always better than Eastern sources. Arizona’s turquoise offers true blue color, while Eastern ones mix between green and blue color. I found the true turquoise blue color is more attractive.

Step 3: Prepare The Inlay Filler

For me, this is the most interesting step. Mix epoxy glue in one – use cup and put the pulverized turquoise in as the manufacturer’s guideline. Start to stir the mixture by making use of a wooden craft stick. When the mixture turns into the consistency of paste, then you can move to the next step.

Please be noted that the fumes in epoxy are toxic, so please use it watchfully and in well – ventilated areas.

Step 4: Fill Turquoise Into The Crack

Make use of a craft stick to take the stone mixture out of the cup. Next, carefully place it into the proper crack locations. After that, fill turquoise into the crack. In the best condition, the mixture should slightly spill out the crack’s edges. It will look a bit messy at first. Finally, utilize epoxy following the manufacturer’s instructions to completely cure.


Notably, if you want your work of art to become more vivid, let’s inlay gems into wood liquid turquoise. One more tip for you guys, spend a small quantity of turquoise mixture in the one – use cup to check its readiness.

Step 5: Finishing

Rub down the cured turquoise inlay according to the wood’s grain. Start with a coarse paper, then use a medium paper and complete with grit sandpaper. Keep sanding then your eye-catching inlay will fill the crack. At this point, you will see a smooth and beautiful wood’s surface.

In case you want to upgrade your masterpiece to a new level, let’s burnish it. If you don’t know how to burnish wood, comment down below, I will show you how to do it.

Yeah, congratulate! When you finish the fifth step, I’m sure that you have stunning turquoise inlay wood furniture.

Where To Buy Turquoise Chips & Powder For Inlay

For those who want to purchase turquoise chips and powder for inlay, order on giant e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay. It is very easy to find and purchase. Normally, I usually order Bluejoy Genuine Pure Natural Turquoise Power from American Turquoise.  It delivers special color that hasn’t appeared in other powders in the market.


In conclusion, inlaying turquoise into wood is not as difficult as you think. Only buy 5 simple steps that I listed down, making wood cracks with turquoise is in your hand. Just follow my step by step guideline, I confidently guarantee that you could nail it. Hopefully, I could create your wooden masterpiece with turquoise.

If you read my guideline on how to fill wood cracks with turquoise and found it helpful, please click the like and share button. It will be a massive encouragement for me to keep up the good work. Keep following and stay tuned. I will come back with another interesting article called how to round wood edges without router soon. Love you to the moon and back.