Three Tricks To Fix A Big Screw Hole

When you drill your wall to add an accessory or equipment like a picture or a clothes hanger, you may accidentally make a big hole that you not expect. It’s a common situation that many people encounter.

You start worrying and scare that this hole is a serious problem for your wall. You don’t know how to fix your screw hole that is too big.

Don’t worry, we can help you solve this problem.

Fix A Big Screw Hole

Let check below all the useful technical ways that we can fix the big hole for screwing.

The ways to fix the big screw hole

First, you should think logically about what is the main problem in this situation.

It’s very simple.

The main point is your screw is not fit with the hole, so to solve this problem, you have to find the way to increase the volume of your screw or try to decrease the size of the hole.

There are many tricks you can use to solve this situation.

Use a bigger anchor or a screw

The most straightforward way that you can do is going to buy a bigger screw. If you can find a bigger screw, then a wall anchor is a great solution.

The most straightforward way that you can do is going to buy a bigger screw. If you can find a bigger screw, then a wall anchor is a great solution.

So you may ask what is the anchor and what can it do?

An anchor ( or the wall plug ) is a common tool that the worker always used in construction work; the worker uses it to help the screw can fit with a bigger hole.

An anchor can cover the screw to exceed the volume of the screw, which reach to size as you need to fit the hole.

The plastic wall plug. Source:

The plastic wall plug. Source:

But you should remember that you need to know the specific and position of the holes to install appropriate anchor screw.

If the hole is on the gypsum walls, you may only need to use a larger screw to fit into the hole. However, for brick walls and concrete walls, you have to use a wall plug.

It is necessary to determine the amount of objects to hang about to choose the type of anchor. There are two types of anchor: plastic and iron.

You use the iron anchor to hang large and weight objects such as outdoor units of air conditioning, purlins frame.

You use the plastic wall plug for hanging small items which have the weight should not exceeding 5kg, such as pictures, electrical panels or curtains.

Use an insulation tape

This way is more traditional; my father usually uses this trick to fix the problem when we don’t have enough materials needed.

It’s very easy to implement.

Instead of using the anchor to cover the screw, you roll the tape around the screw when it gets the volume needed.

This trick is very popular as you are not a constructional engineer.

The only disadvantage of this way is the tape doesn’t have high durability, so from my point of view, you should use the anchor.

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Use the liquid glue

I often use this trick when our home doesn’t have any wall plug or insulation tape left.

And the most You must remember that you can only use this way to fix the big screw hole in the wood surface.

Filling the hole by the glue. Source:

Filling the hole by the glue. Source:

So you may wonder how you can fix this problem just by liquid glue?

First, you fill the hole with the liquid glue to a certain amount that can cover some part. You should calculate or estimate before filling the hole.

After that, you wait some minutes so the glue can dry, then you can add the screw into the hole. If you screw still not fit the hole, you can add extra glue to the opened part.

Remember to use the excellent quality glue because if you don’t, your screw hole can be broken some days.

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In General

We hope that now you can fix the big screw hole on your own. You can choose one of these three tricks, but I suggest that you should use the anchor if you can.

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