Before And After: Kitchen Chair With DIY Chalk Paint

I seem to be on a bit of a chalk paint roll at the moment – I love it, however, you do need to pick the right piece for it. This chair was perfect for some DIY chalk paint and some heavy distressing.
It now lives at our kitchen island and is pretty much used exclusively by the girls, which is why the look I gave it works extremely well.
It can handle a few hard knocks!

I love mismatched chairs in a kitchen/dining room and have so far only accumulated two stools worthy for our bench. They are hard to come by…plus I’m fussy 🙂 Chairs for our table, on the other hand, are another story…I could seat 23 people around a table at our place at the moment!!

What is it with us girls and chairs?!
I know I’m not the only one who loves a chair or two 😉

Anyway, back to the chair of the moment – here’s the before:

A gorgeous worn orange look that I couldn’t wait to get rid of and an almost black was the color I needed.
I’m loving a hint of black in a room at the moment!
This color is called Klavier by Dulux and is deep, rich charcoal…or black to the untrained eye 🙂

That lovely sheen is courtesy of beeswax – my go-to sealer – which is the perfect product to go over DIY chalk paint in my humble opinion. Oh and you can read all about chalk paint and the recipe I use right here.

I distressed it with my mouse sander, concentrating where the chair would naturally wear first.

And when I get a hold of a decent camera – all my pics are iPhone – I will take some kitchen shots and a bit of a house tour. I know I’ve promised it to you and it is happening!! I haven’t forgotten 🙂

So that’s my little before and after for today…hope you like it and have a wonderful weekend!!