Some Other Suggestions for Transporting Plywood on a Roof Rack

“I have to complete a few projects that need the use of plywood. I have a few pieces of them at my relative’s house but have no idea how to transport them. Can you tell us how to do it?”

Well, we receive questions like this several times and today, in this article, we are going to show you some simple ways to do so without any additional help. Let’s keep reading and find out!


How to Transport Plywood?

Obviously, the simplest way to transport plywood is to hire a pickup truck. But it would cost quite a lot of money. What if you have no desire to spend any extra cash to rent a truck?

There are two possible ways that do not cost you much: transporting with a small car and use a roof rack.

Transporting with a small car

If you have a car in which seats can be folded down, then it would be super simple. Transporting 4×8 sheets of plywood would be as easy as a piece of cake.

However, we recommend you secure the piece of plywood to avoid any inconvenience on the road. Make use of some attachment points on your car to firmly locate the piece of plywood.

Another important thing you should remember is to drive carefully. Just stop to adjust when needed.

On a roof rack

In case your car has a roof rack, it will be even simpler. Some people may worry that the size of the rack is not big enough to cover the sheet. But there are some ways to keep the plywood stable.

Here is a step-by-step process you may want to take a look if you want to make good use of the roof rack:

Step 1: Check the rack to see if it can handle the size and weight of the sheet. In case you have no idea how much weight your plywood sheet is, a sheet of ¾ inch plywood is approximately 100 pounds.

We also recommend you transport with that weight, if the sheet is a lot heavier, then do not make any effort to transport on your own as it may cause an accident on the way.

Step 2: Place 2 pieces of wood (about 8-foot long) on the roof rack on the lengthwise. Remember to place a distance of about 3 to 3 ½ foot in between. Secure it to the roof rack.

Oh, and remember to prepare two other pieces of wood for later use!

Step 3: Load your sheet of plywood on the roof rack. Ask for help from friends if the sheet is too heavy.

Step 4: Place the two pieces of wood you have left side from step 2 on top of the plywood sheet. Use ropes to make sure it does not move around while you drive.

Step 5: Drive slowly and carefully to avoid an unnecessary accident.

Some Other Options

We know that in some cases, your car’s roof rack cannot handle the plywood sheet, do not attempt as it would cause danger to you and other drivers on the way.

Here are some other ways you may want to try, and they do not cost you much!

  • Cut the plywood into small pieces and transports them in several times.
  • Hire a small truck or even a small van. It would cost you just about $20 per day
  • Use a trailer to transport the plywood sheet
  • Hire a local delivery service. This option is even cheaper than hiring a truck or a van

No matter what option you choose, remember safety comes first. If you cause an accident while loading on the way, you are going to be at fault and the insurance company will not cover for this fee.

Transporting plywood on a roof rack is still pretty dangerous. There are various examples pedestrians get killed by a car with an unsafe load of wood.

For that reason, we highly recommend you spend time and energy to make sure everything is completely safe before driving.

In some cases, your car may be damaged even if you tie the plywood sheet carefully. Ask for a friend to help unload if possible.

Bottom Words

There are various ways to transport a plywood sheet. If your car has a roof rack and you are on a budget, make good use of them.

However, safety always comes first. Remember to tie the sheet firmly and drive slowly to make sure wind cannot rip off your pieces of plywood from a roof rack.