SketchUp Make vs. Pro – What Is the Difference Between Them?


SketchUp is known as Google Sketchup. The drawing applications like the civil, film, interior design, or mechanical engineering are the 3D-modeling program of the computer that SketchUp has provided.

Yes, this application is available on the webs. Commonly, there is SketchUp Make vs. Pro. Right now, I will share all that relate to both, in particular, the difference between them. Don’t ignore if you want to know more.


Go Over SketchUp Make vs. Pro – What to Make Them Different?

SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro – What Is It?

For the time being, I and you will learn about SketchUp make and SketchUp pro in turn. The first is…

  • SketchUp Make

In the previous time, this SketchUp was used for the individual purpose as well as the home. But, it was added another use – the education in May 2013 and this version was free. Initially, you will have 30 days to experience SketchUp Pro. Then, when you agreed to the service terms, you can utilize SketchUp Make with the free version.

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Though there is available the installer so that you can download, most users expect SketchUp Free following. Meet the users’ expectation, as a great replacement for SketchUp Make, SketchUp Free was introduced in November 2017. What a beneficial it is!

  • SketchUp Pro

The functional combination of both the SketchUp Make exporters and importers creates SketchUp Pro. With 2D format, it requires to accessing to LayOut. If you want to create the SketchUp models having the custom edge styles, let access to Style Builder.

In 2016, it had a new feature – Trimble Connect. The users can use 3D Warehouse models to treat. Basically, this version is pretty friendly. Don’t stop! SketchUp Pro licensing with the cross-platform one allows you to use on Mac machines and Windows.

What Is the Difference Between SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro?

Is SketchUp Pro free like SketchUp Make? Apart from being the 3D-built models, SketchUp Make vs. Pro have some differences, right? If had, here are… All information will be shown below. Let’s see!


As previously stated, SketchUp Make is free when you install. Consequently, saying to this SketchUp, it is exactly a free software.

On the contrary, you will have to pay for SketchUp Pro if you want to use it. Like that, this is a cost type of the software.


In fact, SketchUp Pro has some of the features that SketchUp Make does not include. In particular, SketchUp Pro allows…

  • CAD files to be imported
  • Both PDF and CAD files to be exported
  • Using for the commercial purpose
  • Listing and reporting in a generated way
  • Utilizing the solid-modeling tools
  • Making a variety of the presentation sets
  • Creating the construction drawings
  • Making the animation videos with the different sizes
  • Producing the full-screen presentations
  • The film cameras to work at the same time
  • Contributing the custom behaviors as well as the attributes

All these features are not available in SketchUp Make whether you are using SketchUp Make 2017. It can say that SketchUp Pro is exclusive.


The difference between these SketchUps is clear when mentioning to their benefit. If you can create a variety of the drawings in the various fields, movies, interior designing, architecture, video games, engineering design, for example, when using SketchUp Make, SketchUp Pro enables the users to make the different advanced-level design as well as other modeling activities.

Thanks to this obvious difference, the users can determine which SketchUp is necessary for their needs.


If you have carefully read my information provided above, it is certain that you know SketchUp Make without coming with any payment. You only download to use when needing.

Opposed to SketchUp Make, SketchUp Pro requires a certain payment when you’d like to use it. Frequently, you will have to pay around $700.

The Use Time

For the payment, SketchUp Make is especially more dominant than SketchUp Pro. Nevertheless, its usage time is very short ~ one month. This is one of the SketchUp Make limitations.

With SketchUp Pro, it belongs the kind – paying once for forever. You can be going to spend a not-small number for the payment, but you do not meet any limitation when using because its usage time is forever.


You just get the fundamental knowledge when utilizing the free model while the paid software may bring the advanced knowledge.

Aside from that, for the individual and home use, SketchUp Make is an optimal option for everyone. But, if there is the educational purpose, I recommend using SketchUp Pro, based on the benefits this model brought.

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The next, don’t stop to make the 3D design. SketchUp Make still contributes to creating the various designs from the same software.

Another point is to print the document. In case you choose to use SketchUp Make, this is impossible because it is unavailable while SketchUp Pro is always set in available.

In Sum

People need various software so as to complete the processes of the computer. All things will become easier and simpler when you get the most suitable models for your needs.

SketchUp Make vs. Pro is two different platforms. The one is free and has the short usage time while the other needs to pay around $700, along with the forever usage. In comparison with the features, SketchUp Pro is more optimal.

Therefore, if you only use at home or for the personal purpose, the free version is enough. SketchUp Pro is a more advanced option for those who need to use for the commercial and educational demand. Look back your needs to have the right selection!