Table Saw vs. Miter Saw – Which One Is the Best Ever?


When saying to the power tools for both DIYers and woodworkers, people often think of either the table saw or miter saw. Thanks to their specific features, so they can help to complete the projects in an optimal way.


Nevertheless, instead of purchasing both, you are a non-professional and want to know which one should buy the first. For example, your need is to use for laminate flooring, so table saw vs. miter saw – which one is suitable? Let’s see my article if you are waving. Go! Go!

All around Table Saw vs. Miter Saw You Need Know

Table and Miter Saw Details

Initially, I and you need to learn something about the table and miter saw before starting the complicated things.

  • Table Saws

A table saw – a versatile tool is very enjoyable to use in the DIY projects of the DIYers as well as the homeowners. Its construction has an arbor containing a circular saw blade.

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Depending on the needs and jobs, there is a variety of the designs so that you can select, from the light benchtop versions to the heavier versions.


The first, it cannot ignore the benchtop table saws that have the lightweight and work based on a universal motor. The next, the heavy-duty cabinet table saws – an optimal choice for the industrial purposes have owned the heavier weight.

Aside from that, there still have the contractor table saws using the induction-type motor that is quiet in comparison with the universal motor. Often coming with wheels, so this type is quite portable.

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Don’t stop! To compete in the high-grade market of the saws, the table saw continues offering another type – the hybrid table saws, which is ideal for improving the ability to cross-cut. Even, for cutting the small pieces, it will be very safe when you choose to use the mini and micro table saws.

  • Miter Saws

If the table saws are an ideal tool for being cut, the miter saws that are known as a chop saw are a specialized tool in order to create the miters and crosscuts in an exact way through a quick motion of the circular saw blade. Frequently, people use this saw for the produce-cutting demand to the right or left.

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In particular, there are some of the types that you ought to know as the original miter box and saw to cut in a piece, the standard miter saw made straight cross cuts, the compound miter saw working the various angles when rotating, or the laser miter saw creating the accurate cuts.

They help you to quickly make the cuts such as the door frames, crown molding, picture frames, or more, as long as you use for a right purpose. It can say that they are very popular in the market today.

Compare a Table Saw to a Miter Saw

For those who want to rent or purchase a table saw or miter saw, I continue to compare both so that you can easily recognize the differences. Then, give a proper decision – buy table saw or miter saw first!


In general, both the table saw and miter saw have the certain flexibility. But, table saws seems more dominant when the number of the projects it can complete is considerable, to square, cross-cut, dado, miter-cut, rabbet, rip included.

With a variety of the size no less 4×8 inch, the table saws often bring the highest efficiency while the miter saws need the correspondence of the saws. For instance, for 6”, you need a 10” saw.


Possibly, you cannot use a miter saw so as to make the different cuts like a table saw, but you can reach the higher precision when working with the miter saw.

Because I am also a seniority woodworker, I know that the cutting projects require plenty of accuracies. Accordingly, in some cases, it would be best to pick up a miter tool, instead of the table saw.

Ability to Cut

As previously stated, for the big pieces of the material, the best plan would be to choose the table saw. Why? Because it does not take the blade to the workpiece as you are using a miter saw. In case you are working in the workshop, you can even handle any size of the material you’d like to.

How about the miter saws? The suitable options are the miter cuts. To make the depth of the cuts, the blade of the table saw moves down and up. You will need to use the perfect power and the bevel of your arm to create the miter, compound, or even bevel cuts.

Angled Cuts

Both the table and miter saw allow cutting the 45-degree angle. Nonetheless, with the table saws, you need more effort. On the contrary, the quickness, the consistency, and effortlessness are what you will get when using the miter saws.


Of course, when you apply any tool in order to handle the larger material, you will have to use more power. So do the table saws. Due to the cut-large-piece capacity, the power of the table saws is more than the miter saw. That’s why the majority of the cuts are utilized by the table saws.


Anyone using the saws is the safety that is considered as the vital concern. If compared to the table saws, the miter saws are safer. Owing to the automatic-brake system, the blade will be stopped every when cutting quickly.

Furthermore, the users will not also worry about kicking back the workpiece. Simply, their blade does not rotate back your body.

For Laminate Flooring

Perhaps, installing laminate flooring is the common requirement when using the saws. Fortunately, either the table or miter saw may meet this need. Here are scroll cuts, crosscuts, and rip-cuts – 3 main types of cuts.

Crosscut: Refer to the made-straight cuts across the width of the plank. The best choice is the miter saw unless you can also utilize the hand-held circular saw.

Rip-cut: Be exactly the cuts across the width of the material. The most suitable option for you is a table saw.

Scroll cut: Be known as the curved cuts. With this type, you cannot use the table or miter saw, instead, the jigsaws.

® Can you utilize the table saw vs. miter saw for laminate flooring? Yes, except the scroll-cut type, you can apply both to the rip-cut and scroll cut. What a satisfied it is!

When to Utilize a Miter Saw and Vice Versa

Should I use a miter saw or a table saw, now? Personally, I get used to wondering about this problem. So, when do you utilize a miter saw? When do you use a table?

If you have planned to cut a specific length or angle, your optimal selection ought to be the miter saw. Basically, these projects belong to the carpentry type, so the table saws are not beneficial. Inevitably, the table saws are possible, but I please to tell you that the result is not the same as a miter one.

Different from the miter saws, the table saws have the blade stayed in a position. Based on the thickness of the material, you can lower or raise their blade. But, remember that the blade is fixed throughout cutting.

With a miter saw, it allows you to extend the sides. Don’t have to be a large blade to make the long cuts. If changed into a table saw, you need to have to guide the wood through the rails and guards so as to get the precision. For the straight and shortcuts, you can use either tool.

Should I Buy Table Saw or Miter Saw First?

After all, it is actually difficult to be able to conclude the table saw vs. miter saw which one is better. It can say that both are a perfect combo for cutting, laminate.

Look at the whole features of both, each of the saws has the certain functions and limitations. Correspondingly, they only work well when you use them in the proper projects.

No one takes the miter saws to apply to the larger woods. Don’t fool when using the table saw to create the 6” angle. Consequently, the first, you need to consider your use purposes. Then, give the decision to buy one though both are the necessary selection for any woodworkers or DIYers, I recognized.

Finally, the decision is to depend on you. Let’s consider everything in a careful way and then invest properly. Happy working enjoy!!!