How To Unwarp Wood Effectively


Today, wooden furniture and products are becoming more and more popular in almost houses and departments thanks to their high aesthetic value, durability, and luxuriance given to the living space.


However, natural wood materials have a remarkable characteristic which is its easy deformation after a certain period of time in use. Here are some recommendations on how to unwarp wood simply but effectively. Let’s check it out!

First, to fix the warped wood, we should have the basic understanding of the main reasons for the deformation of wood. Knowing the root of wood warping can facilitate the unwarping process after.

The reason why wood is warped

Wood can be deformed easily due to a large number of reasons which can be divided into objective and subjective causes. Most of the cases related to industrial wood which can be easily warped due to one of the main reasons mentioned below.

Bad weather conditions

Unpredictable weather conditions are one of the most influential effects to make industrial wood deformed. The suddenly rising or decreasing temperature can easily turn the original form of wood into another one.

Normally, in the harsh winter, the cold weather makes wood shrink; and, when summer comes, wood products will be swollen. This sudden and frequent change is the cause of the warped and cracked industrial wood products.

Poor quality of wood

If you use low-quality wood improperly during the installation and arrangement in your apartment, it is inevitable for all of you to deal with the breakage as well as the warping of the wooden products.

The reason is that the fiber connection in this wood type is loose and easy to be affected by the harsh weather conditions. You’d better choose the wood in higher quality to avoid the problem in advance.

Unsuitable use and care of wood

During the period of use, if the wooden furniture is not properly used and care, the damage coming to wood products is common. Frequently being exposed to water and direct sunlight will cause the deformation of wood.

Wood which is placed in the space with high humidity for a long time will also be deformed. The ideal moisture content of wood products at the factory is only 8-10%.

Therefore, when being put in the environment with higher humidity,  wood is easier to be warped.

Destruction from insects

Insects such as carpenter-bees and ants love living in fiber what lead to loose fiber connection in the wood. Moreover, if these kinds of insects are there, it is inevitable for swarms to destroy the wood products.

Problems during the arrangement and processing

Various types of industrial wood are deformation-prone. Only light movements will make the wood warped right away. Moreover, if the edges of the wood products deviate from the original design frame or tray, wood warping is unavoidable.

How to unwarp wood effectively

Unwarping wood can be done by a lot of effective methods. Of all the solutions used commonly by the woodworkers, we carefully synthesize the most effective solutions for wood unwarping. Keep reading to explore what they are!

Straighten warped wood by heat

Common types of wood deformation include bowed, crooked, kinked, cupped and twisted wood. It is not easy to turn all the shape of wood warping to the original form, but the problems can be fixed successfully if you know how to use heat properly.

Many people may wonder the effects of heat on wood unwarping, but it is an effective remedy for warped wood. To straighten wood warping with heat, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Clamp the whole warped wood down a flat surface such as on the floor or a table.
  • Apply the heat to the wood warping. Remember to put more pressure on the deformed part. Keep doing until you find the piece of wood pretty hot.
  • Then, slowly bend the warped wood and wait for the wood to cool down itself. Finally, you can see the warped wood in the original shape.

Don’t overdo the wood heating if you don’t want to waste your time undoing the wood bending.

Make use of sunlight

Sunlight is another effective kind of heating for straightening the warped piece of wood. You can straighten the deformed wood plates by following the simple instructions.

Firstly, you need to put the deformed wood pieces on a table surface and then, bring the affected wood to the light outside. Leave them there under the sunlight till they are straightened.

Although this is a money-saving remedy, the successful wood straightening when using it depends on the weather conditions. However, if you can apply the method perfectly, you will never have to worry about how to use a hand planer as a woodworker.

Use an iron

Suitable moisture for the wood piece is the leading element to straighten warped wood plates. All you need to apply the solution are a hot iron and a dampen cloth. Prepare these stuff in advance to save your time for the wood unwarping process.

First, you have to use a big cloth that can cover the whole wood pieces. Get a cloth wet with water and get all the excess water drained out after that. Put the wood plates in the middle of the cloth.

Then, gently heat the wood pieces by a high-quality iron until the plates are completely straightened. Finally, leave the unwarped wood pieces dry to be ready for use.

A collaboration of moist cloth, pressure and nylon paper

As you all know, the uneven moisture from all sides of a wood piece can lead to the wood bending, curving, twisting or warping. Therefore, if you can take full the advantages of pressure in this case, it is easy to get the best results.

Preparing a damp cloth to cover the warped wood piece totally, and then, wrap them all by a nylon paper to maintain the moisture inside. Then, prepare heavy stuff such as brick or stone which can put pressure on the warped wood.

Place it on the curved areas of the warped wood and leave it for 2-3 days or longer for its natural dryness. This effective method will not disappoint you even a little.

Learn to fix 2 endings of a warp wood piece

This is a good idea for wood unwarping for small and separate wood plates. You just need to prepare nails, pliers and a hammer. It is simple and time-saving to fix 2 ending of a wood piece.

Use prepared nails to fix 2 ends of affected wood plates and then use pliers to remove the nails after finishing your performance. This method will immediately straighten the wood pieces.


You are wondering if you can unwarp wood easily at home or not? Our recommendations mentioned above are the right answer for you. Apply the most effective solutions for you to see the real magic!

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