Before And After: Vintage Dresser And DIY Chalk Paint


I have had this dresser for six months or more now…

and I have had many debates with myself as to what to do with it!
I finally had a brainwave!!

I had some plaster hidden away that I bought when we were on holidays so I could make my own chalk paint. I’d forgotten about it!

So that’s what I did, and now…

This piece is a show stopper!!

And the whole thing was finished in a day – including drying time!! That’s only one of the bonuses of chalk paint!!

So what is chalk paint?
It paints for furniture that is bordering on being a phenomenon in the DIY world.
Its major bonus is that it pretty much sticks to anything – which means………no prep work!!
No sanding!!
Just make sure your piece is clean and dry and you’re good to go.
It also distresses easily and dries super quick, which is how I could finish this in one day.

Have you got a piece of furniture at home that needs an update?
You can totally do it!! It’s a perfect weekend project.

Here’s how

Remember to use warm water, not hot 🙂

You just paint it on with a brush, this dresser was two coats with enough left to do another piece!

I used a sample pot of paint (make sure it’s water based) and got my plaster from the spotlight.
I used two old containers – one I added in the hot water then sprinkled in the same amount of plaster – the other I measured out 3 parts paint then added the mixed plaster/water to that.
I just painted straight from that container.
Allow it to dry in between coats, which won’t take long, then grab your sander and distress away!

I also seal all my pieces for longevity and also it really finishes off the look.
For this one, I mixed beeswax with brown carnauba wax.

I didn’t distress the other piece I did but have decided that I love the DIY chalk paint for a distressed piece, but if you want a super smooth and even result, I’d stick to my paint sprayer.
Simply because there are no brush strokes.

I love this dresser and am so happy with the result!!! I will definitely use chalk paint again!!

If you want to give it a try, you know I’m here for you!!
If you have any questions or need advice- just shoot me an email and I’m only too happy to help!!

Go for it!!