Wood Bleach: Apply Oxalic Acid

As we can see, the wood in nature is usually black, some brown, yellow but with uneven color, color spots and bad. But when the finished product is completed, the color is very colorful and beautiful.

The secret is that these woods have to go through a process to get the beautiful color, which is dyeing the wood.  But before that process, the manufacturer has to carry out a very important step that is bleaching wood by chemicals.


After bleaching, the color of the wood shall fade, the vein is clear and elegant and then we will proceed to dye to produce the product with the best color. Also, bleaching wood is also used as a precaution and eliminates color variations due to sun exposure; eliminate the stain due to mold, acid, alkali, cause…

There are many methods of wood bleaching by chemicals. But, the most commonly used method is oxalic acid. How to use this kind of wood bleach and where to buy oxalic acid? We are exploring information now.

Things to know about oxalic acid chemicals

Oxalic acid is an essential household chemical that can be used, like many acids, as a detergent for many different things. For example, a rust remover, a cleaner, on woodworking as a lifting device, as a bleacher, and more.

This acid is a natural constituent of plants and vegetables such as buckwheat and rhubarb and is available for purchase in the form of powder. The oxalic powder is then mixed with water to turn into an oxalic acid solution.

Application of oxalic acid

Work as bleach

Oxalic acid can be used as bleach for both wood and stone. Wood, when exposed to the elements, may turn gray. When oxalic acid is applied to an old and gray wood floor, it gives the natural white of the wood flooring.

In fact, this acid is often used when preparing to stain old wood flooring. It is also used by furniture manufacturers to light-colored or multicolored furniture before recycling.

Oxalic acid effectively removes ink stains, food stains, and many other stains. It is a gentle stain remover and keeps the surface clean. You can use oxalic acid to remove most of the stains on rocks, bricks, and linoleum, wood and vinyl surfaces.

Although you can also use oxalic acid to remove stains from fabrics such as linen and cotton, it will take a lot of time, so it is better to dry your fabric instead.

Work as a cleaner

Oxalic acid is an ideal chemical for cleaning purposes. Its bleach-like qualities make it perfect for disinfecting household appliances. It is also useful in removing rust on various surfaces.

The stains on the counter, bathtub and kitchen sink can be removed by carefully using this chemical. Today, it can be found as a passive component in various cleaning products, bleach, and detergents.

Use in industry

This acid is sometimes used in mineral processing. Its bleaching properties can be used to sterilize equipment in some corporate environments. Woven factories and factories use it to bleach the fabric dyeing stage. Healthcare companies sometimes use acid to clean certain chemicals or dilute them.

Is it safe to use acid oxalic as bleach on wood?

Acid oxalic can be used on various spots of furniture such as dark watermarks.  It may be used to remove stains in larger areas of wood like floors and decks. To know more techniques to have good painting appearance on the wood surface, learn more here

Oxalic acid is toxic and you should use it with care. Its d better for you to use eye protection, protection clothes, and rubber gloves clothing when using oxalic acid and dispose of it in accordance with local regulations. When being used properly, this chemical is effective in renewing wood into a nice natural state.

Always remind to use protective clothes and tools when using acid oxalic. Source: hunkercdn.com

Always remind to use protective clothes and tools when using acid oxalic. Source: hunkercdn.com

How to apply oxalic acid into the wood surface for bleaching?

Follow these following steps to use oxalic acid as wood bleach, where to buy oxalic acid we will study at the next part.

♦ Step 1: The first thing you need to do is cleaning the wood completely with clean water and use specialized tools to remove the paint or impurities on the wood surface, returning a bare wood surface.

Cleaning the wood Source: howtocleanstuff.net

Cleaning the wood Source: howtocleanstuff.net

♦ Step 2: Start the wood removal process. Mix the oxalic acid or flour with the appropriate amount of hot water. For stains, use 12 to 16 ml of acid per ml of water or use from 3 to 5 ml of acid. Note, slowly pour acid into water and stir

Mix the oxalic acid or flour with the appropriate amount of hot water. Source: Youtube

Mix the oxalic acid or flour with the appropriate amount of hot water. Source: Youtube

♦ Step 3: Apply the mixture liberally to dirt with a brush, soft cloth or mop, depending on the size of the wood surface to be cleaned. Apply on the entire surface of the wood to achieve a more pronounced effect. Be aware of the safety precautions for use even if the chemical is diluted.

Source: woodmagazine.com

Source: woodmagazine.com

♦ Step 4: Let the acid perform stain removal work until completely dry. If stains are still present, use specialized tools until the wood surface is completely clean.

♦ Step 5: Continue mixing 2 tablespoons of borax into the water and apply to the wood after the stain has been removed or the wood has been bleached with the desired color. This is done to help neutralize acid on the wood surface.

♦ Step 6: Wait for dry borax, wipe the surface clean and dry.

♦ Step 7: Rub a clean dark cloth on the wood. If there is white residue on the surface of the wood clean, rinse with water and dry the floor.

♦ Step 8: Use light wood sand to smoothen it after all remnants of bleach have been removed.

Wood sand to smoothen. Source: grassfire.org

Wood sand to smoothen. Source: grassfire.org

Tips for special material bleaching

Read all use directions and warnings of the manufacturer before beginning this procedure. Then, apply a small amount of the mixture into a scrap piece of wood; this sample shall give you the fact that how the solution reacts with the wood and product’s performance during use.

For concentrated stains, use rust or black rings from metal furniture legs, and then mix a paste of 1 part of warm water and 3 parts of oxalic acid powder or crystals. Apply directly the paste to the stain until the wood surface reaches to the desired color tone.

Oxalic acid is a toxic and corrosive substance. Extremely should be taken when handling it. Besides, gases emitted during use can cause health problems, thus, the mixture should be added and applied in a well-ventilated area.

A container of clean rinse water should be prepared during use in case you need to flush your eyes or faces or wash any spilled solution away.

Places to buy reputable and high-quality oxalic acid

As you know, a great supplier can supply a good business. There are many factors to evaluate a good provider. Not only supply problems, quality of chemicals, but also about quality of service as timely delivery.

If your business uses chemicals then you should find a good chemical supplier. Choosing the right chemical supplier is an important job. You need to ensure that the chemicals sold to you are affordable and of good quality.

When you buy the toxic chemicals as the oxalic acid from the suppliers then you also need to make sure that the chemicals supplied to you are perfect. Because the chemicals directly affect the production and quality of the water, looking for a good supplier is very important.

When buying chemicals, you also need to make sure that the ingredients and the concentration of the chemicals are of good quality; otherwise, it can affect your products and services.

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Final thought

As we know, oxalic acid is used as the bleach for wood which helps remove black stains caused by dissolved iron binding to the wood during water penetration.

Hope that beneficial information on definition, types, and applications of acid oxalic as wood bleaching, where to buy acid oxalic is the no more big concern for you.